Amazing IPTV android app for you: Star IPTV app

If you use Amazon stick/box, Then open downloader app and Fill this code on url Bar: 61768

and if you use Android box’s then type this link or download from this link :

You can easily set up my IPTV Android app for your device.

Install IPTV on ANDROID BOX - 2021

I gonna show you how to set it up.

Setup “Star IPTV” in 2 simple steps

Step 1: The first thing you need to download our app  “STAR IPTV” and Install it.

After Install, open it up. The first time you open “Star IPTV” app it just looks like that.


Step 2: Now what we are going to do is go ahead and enter your username and password in the Username and Password section.

After that, you just need to click on LOGIN button and wait for a second

You will see here it load up the channel. The app will show there:

Live TV: Now you can see it. We have 12000+ channels in total. It is sorted by country. You can click on choose the country after that choose the channel you want to watch and enjoy it.

Live TV with guide: Go to the line TV with the guide. And click on it. You can see many different categories on the top. You want to watch something just come over and click on it. It takes a little time to load you just need to wait for it. You need a little bit of patient, loading speed depends on internet speed.


Video on demand: We have more than 12000 VOD including TV series. You can click on and check it out.